Comparing versions of Writing to Perceive

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A friend of mine who knows I want to write professionally one day sent this link to me. It's an Op-Ed by the novelist, Michael Cunningham.
To me, the piece is about translating thoughts and ideas into words in a way that matches the author's perceptions to those of the reader. It's not always easy, as my 1102 English class found out a couple of weeks ago when one student critiqued another.
Beyond just getting the message across clearly as one might do for a news item, I gained a new understanding of crafting prose that brings an entirely new level of complexity. Projecting ideas to an audience, matching perceptions between author & readers, and choosing words that make ideas flow and resonate - all at the same time. Choosing words for tonal quality, understanding, flow, imagery, connotation, balance...
These ideas aren't necessarily new to me. I'd heard the lesson before. But, Cunningham's piece brought it into focus in a new way explaining why three words echo through out time. "Call me, Ishmael."

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