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August 31st Reflection
Okay, so looking back on our last class I can say that I was not in my best form. I got sick last Sunday and I'm just now recovering and feeling close to normal. I'll say that I had little interest in joining the conversation about grant writing, mostly due to my condition, but when the ethics debate ensued my ears perked up a bit. Ethics debates are always fascinating aren't they? Personally, I'll never be the first to start an argument, and I very rarely find myself involved in them. It would take a lot for me to feel like I needed to step into the arena. I guess you could say I'm more of an observer. It's not that I'm uninterested or not paying attention, I promise. In fact, I really am fascinated with the idea that everyone has their own unique perspective.. that we hear things and say things only after they've made their way through our filter(s). And also that everyone has their own moral compass (or lack thereof).
The next thing I know, I've found myself with a marker in my hand. Anxiety ensues. What possibly am I going to have to do with.. this.. marker?? I sincerely dislike this quality about me and I wish I could explain how it got here and why. I wasn't always like this. I remember going off to Europe for a month with little supervision at age 17 with ease and jumping out of an airplane at 20 after little consideration at all. What has happened between then and now that prevents me from making decisions without having to think and re-think?
Then I started talking to Andrew, about what the hell we were really supposed to be doing in this class. Since neither of us had any idea (I'm getting the idea this is the norm for this class) we just started talking about what we like and how can we get it to lead to a final project? We looked at some photography portfolios online and talked about how cool it would be to be a photographer for National Geographic. Oh, the sites you would see! So I think this is where it all began and you'll understand this when I tell you what happened to me yesterday...
I was driving home from my Thursday class (American Lit Beginning to 1860) and alone in my car I began to think.. about what else I'm going to do today, which led to what else I'm going to do for the rest of my life.. (it seems to always end there..) Well I always tell people that I don't know what I want to do when I graduate (I don't really), but after talking to someone for a while I'll eventually tell them what I wish I could do. I want to travel, and write, and take pictures, and eat, and travel, and experience, and LIVE, and be Anthony Bourdain, really. This is where I heed my boyfriend's advice instead of my father's (and he would kill me if he knew this). Here is the difference:
Dad: "Well, Jen, hm.. how would you do that.. and how much money is it going to cost me?"
Boyfriend:"SO DO IT."
I'm now seriously considering.. drumrolllll... culinary school, concentrating in baking and pastry arts. It's ok, you can call me crazy. But I've been baking since I knew what a cookie was, and if you want to get somewhere, you have to start somewhere, don't you??

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