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help one another

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how upload a file and then create a link on a page so that users can view the file you have uploaded


where do I do my work?

A: If you mean where you do your work for this class as in where you put it, you can make a page for it and write or paste the text there, put it on your personal page, if you made one, or upload it in a file form to a page you made.  You could even put a link up if you hosted it on another site.


I don't get it page :(


Question: So I tried to wait until today to get my feedback, and I still only have the one feedback from a peer on my page. What should I do? 

Response: Reflect on the ways we have used the wiki to generate communication about our charge (which is form into groups that will compose informed NOFOs for the nonprofit community), and then notice how each blog prompt is designed to generate writing that helps us "invent" (find, create) a topic for exploration (Writing to Explore) that will allow each of us to contribute to the next phase of our discussions. Think holistically about your whole writing process. Compile your writing, and interesting writing shared by your peers, into a word processing document. Then, as you dive into this document with the aim of taken out anything irrelevant, consult the Writing to Explore Rubric and begin shaping your exploration according to these standards. If you are confronted by "writer's block," consult the Writing to Explore Rubric again, but this time apply the rubric to the Writing to Explore drafts shared by the 3 peers that you have signed up to review. As you provide feedback to your peers, notice that you are writing to explore....


Q: What would convergence entail as it relates to the upcoming convergence draft?  I am completely at a loss despite knowing the definition of convergence.  How would it differ from drafts we have worked on before?  - Heidi


(attempt to) A: Emergence is opening ourselves and our writing to the wiki. Developing our voices. We will then converge, together, upon this mass of emergence and compose via collaboration (mixmaster blogs, etc). We will also converge our separate compositions, and merge topics to form remixes and open more space for creation and discussion. These collaborated and converged compositions will then form our convergence portfolios.


Comments (3)

kms said

at 12:41 pm on Sep 17, 2010

Any quick ref on how to rename a page? I have 'renamed' before and now I can't remember how I accomplished that. I would like to rename my comments page since so many of us have comments pages.

Jaime said

at 1:17 pm on Sep 17, 2010

I think you need to be an administrator of this workspace to have that privilege. ShareRiff?? You could create a new page with the name you'd like, copy and paste all of the same information and basically erase any trace of the original.

kms said

at 6:14 pm on Sep 17, 2010

Actually I did 'rename' a page. However, I use wiki in another class, so maybe I did it there. It appears each class is set up differently. (The other class, if one hits SAVE vs. Save and Continue, it bounces back to the home page - annoying.)

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