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It takes a community

Page history last edited by kms 13 years, 7 months ago

This photo was chosen in direct opposition to April's decision to choose the abandoned life raft as her front page (awesome!) photo.


Personally, I find it much easier to abandon the life raft, jump in and take a risk!  I wasn't always that way.  I grew up timid . . . then somewhere along the line I realized - for me anyway - that the fearless were having more fun!  On a more philosophical bent, I saw that more times than not, most regrets in life are due to what we wished we had tried or moved toward and had not, than what we had attempted and failed at.


Wee Bit:  Victoria Holt - "Never regret. If it's good, it's wonderful. If it's bad, it's experience."


So I became bolder.  Not that I started jumping out of airplanes, though I know people who have.  I did, however, make a 'bucket list' before the term was popular, and started at it.  I learned to snow ski; crossed the rocky mountains on four-wheel drive trails (with a guy I dated who apparently was going through his self-destruct faze . . . he jumped out of an airplane!  I took the photos!); made a whirlwind weekend decision to move to the midwest and in two days gave away stuff, packed the rest, bought all weather tires for my '68 turquoise blue Camaro, and relocated.  I have since moved to San Diego, Atlanta, Chicago, and Manhattan . . . some locations I knew zero or one person.  My motto is that the first year in a new location is an adventure - four new seasons to experience and enjoy.  I could probably end up retiring in a tent in a foreign country . . . or wait, maybe that's my sad little projection of how I could end up after 50+ weeks of unemployment and grad school tuition.


Back to subject . . . April chose the life raft to remind her to abandon her inhibitions and jump in!  I chose this photo of a friend's young thoroughbred mares as a reminder that I don't always have to be independent.  Traveling alone is not a fear of mine.  Asking for help apparently is . . . although I am getting better at that; I'm learning, but it's still a struggle.  This photo is to remind me that sometimes in life it takes a community in order to grow. We are not here on this earth alone.  I need to seek out help when I need it.  It's not a weakness to need a friend.  I don't have to do it all myself, with no assistance, in order to be strong. 


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