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Carl Sandburg

Page history last edited by kms 13 years, 5 months ago

"Let a joy keep you. Reach out your hands and take it when it runs by." -– Carl Sandburg *


This page started with Carl Sandburg, but made the connection to April's convergentemergence 'understanding comics' page when she included her comments on (not) baking.  Carl Sandburg / Chicago /  my baking


Personally, I love baking . . . something I enjoyed doing on bitter cold days when I lived in Chicago while I watched the smoke rise from neighboring fireplaces as it was swept away, across Lake Michigan, by the wind.  Baking was also something I could indulge in and share.  I took my finished works to the office rather than indulge in all those calories; something that was easier to do with cookies and Irish soda bread than with teriyaki salmon.


April is also right on target stating that we are all writers.  Who would have imagined that a cooking blog would become a book and then a major motion picture? (Jules & Julia)


I like that you bring this up. A blog is no more a book than a single frame is a comic; however, each can be reworked and woven into a different genre. The blog is worked into a book and the single frame is built into a comic. Once again, this shows the difference between a medium and a genre, but also points out the ways in which a genre retains the essence of its medium and can therefore be transformed into something else. Convergentemergence is found! - April


Thanks April.  I was surprised to learn that a signle panel of comic art was not considered a comic.  Or is McCloud's position there just his own personal view of semantics?


Then there is snail mail as writing and another Wee Bit:

Sir, more than kisses, letters mingle souls. For, thus friends absent speak. - John Donne


* About Carl Sandburg

American poet, songwriter, and journalist Carl Sandburg played an essential role in the Chicago renaissance of the early twentieth century. He won two Pulitzer Prizes, one for poetry and one as a historian. He was born in Illinois in 1878. When he was 19, he hopped a westbound train and lived as a hobo. His poetry is filled with slang and the language of ordinary Americans. His publications include Chicago Poems, Cornhuskers, and the children's series, Rootabaga Stories. He died in 1967.




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