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Blog Prompt Nursery

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Final Project Proposal Memo 4311/6319






Scrying on Yonder Showcase


Prose Activation Station experience grammatical voice as rhetorical choice


visual rhetoric - the logos of icons


counterargument is your friend


Mixmaster Blog


transition science


tell a story


The Wyrd Game - a compositional game for n players.


freesound! - the universe wants to play...


Read Aloud - giving the audible a voice


the cut-up method


podcasting with audacity - read alouds!




chat rhythms


AudienceFinder/PortfolioOrganizer/AttentionGalvanizer - some things we can do with tags and social bookmarking


Who are You?


the assignment assignment - on purpose!




cause - because




finding analogies in the field




sanjo - gather together scattered fragments of prose; let the resonance do the composing



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