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"“Every book I picked up had few sentences which didn’t contain anywhere from one to nearly all of the words that might have been in Chinese”. He skipped the words he didn’t know and so had little idea of what the books said. He got himself a dictionary and began painstakingly copying every entry. It took him a day to do the first page. He would copy it all out and then read back aloud what he had written. He began to remember the words and what they meant. He was fascinated with the knowledge that he was gaining" -Burke, B. (2004) 'Malcolm X on education', the encyclopedia of informal education. 


In our learning process we are bound to come across words we've never heard before, and phrases in an idiom that seems to make no sense at all. This page is designed to help us stay open to new and puzzling terms and statements that come about in our learning process by decoding them and sharing the definitions we uncover here, on a single glossary page. We can of course make links to the exact page we first encountered the novel term/phrase or to a written description of the context where we first heard these alien-sounding words.


Here's an already-existing glossary page--we could just build on this work done by a previous class. It's all link-able.

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