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-OMG I did that!

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To carry on the Summer theme, I would like to share a personal story of a lovely event that happened to me over that time...

     It was a bright, sunlit Sunday morning when I woke up and got all ready for work. I had worked that night before so I got my good nights sleep of 4 hours before I got to wake up and do it all over again; but this time I was working day, so instead of babysitting drunk adult who act like kids, I get to babysit sugar induced kids. I got into my car, which I LOVED, it was the only car I have ever had that I truly wasn't embarrassed to be seen in, and started on my route to work. Now, I like to consider myself an informative driver, if you are driving horribly or in the left lane going ten under, I'm going to tell you. Now, this morning didn't seem any different than any other, I was in a fairly good mood, and strangely I wasn't running late. So I am coming up to a stoplight and right before I get to the line a guy from the right of my comes barreling into my lane and cuts in front of me because, god forbid he has to be second at the light. I just simply throw my hands in the air and tell him, "way to go!"; just inform him on how awesome that move was. Well, he decided that he was going to let me know how much it meant to him that I "complimented" his driving skills. As we progressively sped up from the red light I thought to myself, "I don't feel like fighting today, maybe tomorrow." I proceeded to get over into the other lane and speed up to get away from him, well, that just made matters worse. When I got over and around him he sped up and got next to me on my side, and started drifting his car into my lane to "intimidate" me. Well, It worked! I started to freak out and just as I thought I was ok he turns his wheel all the way over and darted right into my lane causing me to swerve and cross over two lanes of traffic after losing control of my car. As I am flying through the air all I can remember is trying to press on the brakes and not being able to do anything. Right around that time I hit really hard and finally stop. First thought, no no no, this is just a dream, this can't be. Second thought, omg, where is my phone?! Am I going to be an Onstar example of what could happen?? Then I think, maybe I should get out of my car, just in case anything else happens. As I'm crawling out of my car door, because apparently it was hitting something that wouldn't let me open it wide enough, I look over to see a car lodged on the fence of this parking lot and all I remember saying was, "OMG I did that?!". Long story short, I see Jiffy Lube guys in the distance running over to my car to help me and the ambulance finally showing up. After respectfully declining the ambulance, because I was not going to pay for it, while they were still try to convince me I should go to the hospital seeing how I had a gash on my neck and my kneecap was the size of a basketball, mother finally told me I was crazy and to get into the ambulance. Turns out, not only did I cut over two lanes of traffic, I hit a ditch, came back up and landed in a parking lot, in the planter box after throwing a parked car against the fence. Oh and that thing that was stopping my car door from opening, well that was a huge 4 ft around tree. When it was all said and done I had a fractured kneecap, totaled car and a 500 dollar deductible because that nice man didn't bother to stop. But the good thing is, I got to be hand bathed by my mother because I couldn't stand up and wash my own hair AND I was carried everywhere because I wasn't able to walk or use crutches because my chest muscles were so bruised. So how was your summer? :)



                                                                                My Car After The Accident-- Check out the viedo.AVI    


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