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Portfolio of Emergence kms

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Units ending September 21 / October 12, 2010 with additional 'thoughts on scholarly assessment.'



Emergence PORTFOLIO Convergence



My ‘audience’ when the portfolio was emerging:  anyone interested in the nature of community:  creating community, desiring community, engaging in their community . . .


"To be fully human" we need to be part of a community that builds a "memory of itself that will be its culture" states Wendell Berry quoted in Greg Garrard's Ecocriticism  (Garrard, Greg.  Ecocriticism.  2004.  115.)


The urge to merge.  Emergence.  Convergence.  Words.


This project has moved in many directions, yet it continually returns to a common theme of community.  A community of writers, a community of students, a community of student writers.


When people read these writings, if nothing else, I’d like to (purpose) inform people of a variety of ways to engage in, and give back to, their community.  I propose to do this in a variety of ways, including, but not limited to:

  • offering personal experience via essays or short memoirs
  • writing on volunteer experiences and opportunites in the local community
  • including pertinent book and magazine article reviews




In the process, I hope to pass on a message of hope.


"The capacity for hope is the most significant fact of life. It provides human beings with a sense of destination and the energy to get started." ~ Norman Cousins


Thanks thanks to Elizabeth for below:

"Community" is such an interesting word because it means dozens of different things in different communitites around the world.  The Princeton Dictionary offers several definitions, including:

  • "a group of people living in a particular area"
  • "common ownership"
  • "a group of nations having common interests"
  • "an agreement as to goals"

It takes a community  Reflects part of my original thought process; ideas that came full circle 
Feeling Like A Rubberband  Describes a community of professionals at a medical facility that is an asset to the Pinellas County community.  It is a place where individuals are treated with dignity and respect by a community of experts who not only provide their expertise, but offer support and assistance to the community of patients and caregivers they serve.

The A-Bomb 

The personal story of why it now may take a community to get me through this semester.  This piece was moved to the final project as an example of journaling.

Thanks to everyone who offered their help & support!

Volunteer in Your Community  A list and description of places I have volunteered, along with personal insights, to encourage others to become involved in their community.
La Clinica:  A Doctor’s Journey Across Borders   This is a not only a book review, but includes background information on why the book intriqued me.  It is the true story of a physician who helped begin a clinic for the poor in Mexico and how this not only affected the village community, but affected his life forever.
Journaling Our Way To Self-Actualization  This is the short version of research and writing on the process of learning about self through personal journal writing.  This piece was later expanded to include additional information on wellness & became the basis for the final project.
September 11, 2001  A personal essay that profiles and shares my experience of a tragic event, resulting in some "take away" thoughts on how people come together when they need each other most.  This piece was originally included here since the "take away" reflected on community.  It was moved to the final project as an example of journaling.
Reflections  This piece is somewhat in the realm of journaling, but written as a reflection on a physical community. 
walking communities 

This was a consideration during the building  of the convergence / emergence portfolio.  If time permitted, and this theme continued, the plan was to utilize early research notes & expand writing on thoughts about how living in an area where people walk (vs. drive EVERYwhere for EVERYthing) fosters a sense of community and facilitates neighbors getting to know neighbors.  The idea generated from the fact that I felt a much stronger sense of community when I lived in large urban areas than when I lived in surburbia.


My ‘audience’ as rewrites and new thought processes converged:  the person interested in self-exploration and self-actualization; the person interested in assiting others to explore through writing.


"Being yourself is the greatest gift you can offer the world." - Julie Tallard Johnson


Thoughts on scholarly assessment with a specific outlet in mind.  As someone who has relocated numerous times, I have appreciated articles and magazine sidebars revealing ways to adjust to life in a new community.  The writing on volunteering options would be in this realm.  Writings such as these can be found in relocation magazines published by city and county tourism offices.  They may also be printed periodically in city magazines or neighborhood sections of a city newspaper, particularly in geographic areas with a steady stream of new residents.


Not-for-profit communication newsletters would be another outlet for some of these writings.  Communication directors periodically write stories on what inspired volunteers to donate their time and talents.  Not-for-profit organizations that offer education and support news periodically run personal interest stories related to their followers' particular needs.  These writings could be used as samples requested to submit with a resume when applying for employment within not-for-profit communication departments.


Other writings may be suitable for a personal essay submitted to a newspaper or magazine.


Merriam-Webster:  accomplishment - a quality or ability equipping one for societya special skill or ability acquired by training or practice


Pessimist:  Will this ever be reality?  Optimist:  When will this be reality? 

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