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The Wyrd Game

Page history last edited by Kori Ramos 12 years, 10 months ago




I have created a game around my essay (which can be found here: MY FINAL DRAFT).

Please take some time to participate and help me expand this paper!



In order to understand this piece, one must interact with the words. Read through the lines and rework the words into a new composition. You could: rearrange the words, free write while using these words as inspiration, pick out the catchy phrases and put together a poem, etc., etc. The possibilities are endless, and it can be assured that each person will get something different out of this essay. 




The paper will constantly expand as more people participate in the remixing. The remixes are literally the essay, displaying the endless possibilities that can emerge from a single chaotic slew of words. The words are not important, only the ideas and stories that they create.






1. Open this link in a new tab: MY FINAL DRAFT


2. Open another tab and create a new page for your remix.


3. Rework the text any way you would like.


4. Explain your remix. How did you do it? What was your method of reworking the words?


5. Save the remix and reflection onto the new page.


6. Post the link below.





Please post your individual take on the essay to a new page, and link it here:


Jamie's Rework


April's Thought


Adam's Reworking


Garbage and the Goddess Version


W-o-r-d (I don't Play Games) W-y-r-d (Or do I)




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