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greenish blue room

Page history last edited by Aardvark Marker 12 years, 8 months ago

This night is never-ending 

on the greenish blue carpet,

in this greenish blue room,

where I wait with you.

We sigh together, waiting,

waiting, high on chocolate candy, 

fresh from the flower store.


We're both in different worlds together,

with you on the couch,

and me on the carpet.

But we both laugh and eat our candy,

and we bring each other flowers,

and I nod to sleep while you

run circles around me, laughing

hysterical sadness in this empty room.


And we're both empty, too.


Comfort is silence 

with someone you love and 

emptying everything

all that you are 

across this greenish blue carpet

and filling this greenish blue room

with new ideas of what to live for

and reasons to leave our beds

and leave this room

and leave this house

and leave


But this night is never-ending,

and my candy's all gone,

and the TV is on,

and I'm laughing inside

and praying for everyone ever,



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