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Composing my WTI

Midterm Portfolio Reflection


WTI- Aly B

Aly B's Portfolio unit one portfolio

ShareRiff Says


Allysa, in a short span of time (1/2 of a semester) you have definitely shown a critical acumen, an inquisitive spirit, and other attitudes and attributes that will serve you well in college and beyond. You paid attention to the WTE prompt, and took it seriously, asking tough questions of your audience and peppering your exploration with strong claims and sound reasoning--as a result, you garnered a lot of feedback from your peers. This is a good sign! I am wondering why you didn't put together a polished version of your exploration, though. I think one more pass would have done more than given you a chance to "fit and finish" the essay. Doing so would also have given your a chance to incorporate more of the rhetorical strategies of exploration into your essay, which is a great core essay, well-researched, and logically arranged. Your WTI on terrorism is indeed informative, but I think you missed an opportunity to really inform your audience by failing to make more explicit connections to globalization and the trajectory of democracy in the context of globalization. I really think that you have tremendous aptitude as a writer, but in order to build on what you have, you are going to have get into a rhythm, and write more frequently, so you can build on your skills and incorporate new strategies, rather than simply rely on what you already know to create palatable texts. Your composing process had rhythm early, but you've tapered off during WTI. From now until the end of the semester, spend less time selecting topics. Build on what you have and work on the NOFO. This specificity will mean that you  will always have something to write on/about that will directly contribute to your final drafts.



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