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Midterm Portfolio Reflection

Page history last edited by Alyssa Blumenthal 12 years, 7 months ago

Throughout the process of creating my midterm portfolio I was able to use the skills i learned from creating my unit one portfolio to better my ability in making my midterm portfolio.

There were a lot of different parts to making this portfolio so I definitely had to use my critical thinking skills to help put everything together and in collecting information. 

The idea to use terrorism as my piece for writing to inform came out of the chapter Living Democracies and from there I was critiqued by my peers and given other perspectives on roots of terrorism and how it connects in our current society. I conducted outside research so that I could effectively blog about the history of terrorism and how it connects to modern day violence. In terms of learning responsibility, I have and continue to learn more as ENC 1102 continues. I learned that with electronic media it is necessary to use the wiki at least 3 times a week to stay on pace and understand the material for each class. I also learned the importance of working independently because if you're not intrinsically motivated to do well on your own then you will not get anything done and you will fall behind. I think this class is a very independent course and although the guidelines are not drawn out perfectly, it is now obvious to me the importance of being persistent with the wiki. I think that for this portfolio I've improved from my last and that is going to continue with each assignment as I perfect my skills on the Wiki. 


The composing process is difficult, and there is a lot of confusion, especially when working in teams but overall I think for this portfolio it was a good stepping stone. It's hard to meet up with team members outside of class and sometimes in class as some students don't show and everyone has different, busy schedules. The Living Democracies group did their best to meet up but unfortunately could not find time to meet before the portfolios were due. For next time, planning much more in advance will be done and the group aspect of the project will be much thorough. 


I honestly wish that I could sit with my group members for a few hours before the Midterm Portfolio was due and just make everything look perfect and much more intriguing to look at. 


I used graphics to depict my composing process for my WTI and besides that I used different text strategies, colors and sizes to grab my readers attention and make certain thing pop out. 


Scholars use sources to give the appropriate credit to the writer of an article. Without sourcing your materials, it's considered plagiarism and goes against the law. I included the websites from which I received my information and the pictures are also labeled. I need to learn how to properly cite sources and guarantee that I don't unintentionally plagiarize. 


The drawbacks I see in writing technologies are those that have to do with the individuality of the writing. I think one of the coolest parts of writing is the persons style of hand writing. When typing everyones words look the same but I think a bit of personality comes out in a persons handwriting. This aspect is missing in a technological environment where everyones words are in one of a couple fonts and it all looks the same. It makes it harder to differentiate what is what and who is who. Writing on paper creates diversity in writing and even more styles.




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ShareRiff said

at 11:01 pm on Oct 19, 2010

I really, really like your ideas about handwriting. There is in fact a significant body of research, going way back, that analyzes handwriting in deep ways. I say this--let's do one of our "thrice weekly" blogs freehand, scan them, and then upload them to the wiki as image files. We could then view all of them in class as a slide show, and celebrate the differences.

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