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duanes nofo

Page history last edited by duane 13 years, 5 months ago

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Andrea said

at 11:37 pm on Nov 5, 2010

Duane, we are supposed to link this to our portfolio using a word document file, not my copying and pasting (or at least to my understanding...view the 4 Nov page). If you need help on how to link to a word document, let me know.

Ehle so fly said

at 1:28 am on Nov 6, 2010

Hey Duane, check out David's page I helped him set up his portfolio... Look at the top of the page on the left click Pages&Files. Then from their browse your computer and upload the File from something like a word document. Edit this file in a word document or PDF in order to keep the correct formatting.. When you open the template edit it from their save to your desktop and browse to upload it (it is almost like how we used to upload essays into course content over the summer for portfolio's in Ulrichs class) hit me up on my cell if you need help!

Ehle so fly said

at 11:25 am on Nov 6, 2010

Change all the spots that are red and make it your own, look at mine, david's or andreas as a good example :)

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