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How to Upload the NOFO Template Doc

Page history last edited by Boda 13 years, 3 months ago

Once you've edited your NOFO Template Word Doc, you need to upload to the wiki.  Be sure to name it something unique so it doesn't get mixed up with everyone else's NOFO (adding your name to the Template file name is a good idea.)


Getting it on the wiki isn't too complicated.  Here's how:


1) Go to the wiki page where you want your NOFO document to appear

2) Go into Edit mode of your wiki page

3) On the right side of the page, you'll see a "Page Tools" sidebar

4) Click the "Images and files" link

5) Click the "Upload files" link

6) Find your NOFO Template Word Doc saved to your computer & click "Open"

7) After the your NOFO Template Word Doc is finished uploading to the wiki sidebar, you'll see it listed as a file in the sidebar - Don't click it yet

8) Click to the area of your wiki page you want to place your Word Doc

9) Now click your NOFO Template Word Doc - it should now appear on your wiki page

10) Click the "Save" button on your wiki page and you should now be able to click on the NOFO Template and it'll open up for you and everyone else.


Ta da!


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