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Caleb's Unit 4 Reflection

Page history last edited by Caleb Francois 13 years, 4 months ago

Writing to Convince was a good way to end my writing experience in ENC 1102. It was easy for me to write to convince because convincing is something I do everyday. Some people may call it lying, others may call it stretching the truth a bit, but to me it's just convincing someone on your views. I convince people everyday and this paper was no different. I used the many facts I found and used them to compile a system of truths to back up the allegations I was making to prove that an Actuary was indeed the better career than Accountant. This was a fun paper for me to write because both of these careers interest me and are in my immediate future. A lot like the business writing in the NOFO, I had to be clear and concise with the arguments I was making. There was no beating around the bush or many extra unneeded words in my writing to convince paper. It was just straight facts compiled to form an argument that by the end of the paper the reader would know exactly which career is better. It was rather important to do some extensive research for this particular writing style because although the reader may have some idea as to what an accountant is, almost no one can accurately describe what an actuary is none the less what they do. As a result of this, I had to dedicate my first couple of paragraphs to not only introducing my paper but also introducing what an actuary was.

The wiki helped my essay come along in a lot of ways. Feedback was the number one thing for me. Without feedback, my paper would not have progressed as much as it did. I feel as if the wiki is the most productive way to conduct peer reviewing because it's continuous and can happen at any time. For example, when I would wake up at weird times in the night and decide to work on my paper, there was always a new edit for me to consider fixing within my final draft. This technological advancement to peer reviewing proved to be very efficient to continuous writing. I guess indeed writing is a happening.  

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