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Ehle Writing Process-

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Animal products, specifically milk and meat, have inflicted more damage upon the people of this country than nuclear weapons or global warming will ever impose. The ill effects associated with the consumption of animal products greatly outweigh any known benefits. Common complaints that can be directly linked to the consumption of meat and dairy products include: hives, sinusitis, heart disorders, impaired digestion, obesity, dermatitis, edema, acne, gas and bloating, body odor, dry skin, constipation, allergies, asthma, bedwetting, hyperactivity, colitis attacks, headaches, fatigue, colic, anger, depression, congestion, irritability, excess mucus, hemorrhoids, impotence, hormone imbalance, and hot flashes (Balch 418).  Wars, drugs, and violent crimes are not the only things killing America. Milk and meat are also killing America. 


This quote has made me think twice about the food I consume. Milk is my number 1 favorite drink, and I consume a glass atleast once daily. Yet it is also known as the most falsely advertised poison in the U.S. WOW!!!!!


 Yet another misconception of milk involves the “pasteurization” process (a process in which the FDA allows a maximum of 100,000 bacteria per teaspoon.) Pasteurization destroys the enzymes needed for calcium absorption. As a result, 50-60% of the calcium in milk is not digestible (566)


It may be difficult for some people to accept the concept of conspiracy, especially when it involves a group that has been trusted for so many years. However, the scientific facts and the death statistics are strong evidence that something is very wrong with the standard American diet. The FDA is fully aware of the serious health risks associated with the consumption of animal products. Their continued endorsement of the deadly fallacies of the American diet should encourage every American citizen to take their health into their own hands.


( Right now I am focusing my essay on the above examples)








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