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Its social networking and texting the death or reinvention of the writing process?


Social networking

     Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Mocospace.... the list is never ending. There is an estimated audience of over 300million people who feed into these forms of "entertainment". Between the months of December 2008 to January 2010 there was a noted 82% increase on time spent on these kinds of sites. Users were said to have used these sites an incredible 5 to 6 hours a day, up from 2 to 3 hours in 2008.(The Nielsen Company) Social networking is rapidly rising to the top of the communications scale. With it being made so simple and convenient to talk to anyone all around the world. Has the formal structure of writing also known as the writing process expired, changed, or is it just not affected by social networking at all.  I believe because of social networking the writing process is changing, become less structured and more welcoming to new forms of creativity.


The Writing process

Can you write well without it?

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Before Enc1102 we've been taught there is no other way, use the writing process!! Through my personal experiences with pbworks and wiki's I've learned there's other ways blogging or creatively just placing your thoughts down then allowing the world to respond CREATES STRUCTURE ideas lead to ideas and questions lead to answers with a little organization you will indeed have a paper (formal paper if you please) <----the writing process of generation x  or the generation of change



On the opposition

Everyone has slipped up before and wrote short hand on a paper or a document that you know you weren’t supposed to. Then here comes the older figure in your life, “what does ttyl mean, the word is because not cuz, and why did you place 5 types marks of punctuation after that sentence. (?!!?!) Practice makes perfect and due to the simplicity of social networking sites and texting the art of writing formally is lost in the mix. From personal experience I can tell you I only write formally if I have to for school or for my professional organization.


Not effected

Some scientists believe that social networking has not affected the writing process what so ever. The believe that the change in writing styles is caused by human choice and change in era.  For example take a look back in the writing style of Shakespeare and those of people such as Jay Gastsby. A clear difference in writing style is noticble



Maybe it's time to add a little more give to the writing process, possibly the writing process isnt the way of the future. Social networking is moving and shaking up the world creating a new "writing process". This process is less structured but is it still successful.



The Text exception

160 characters is the typical length allowed in a text message. On average a teenager send 3,339 text messages a month (MSNBC) could having this smalll margin of space to expand and explain be a good thing. I feel that text messaging emphasizes on main ideas  (texting above/talking on the phone)



To conclude social networking is on the rise but in my opinion doesn’t affect the writing process. If anything it alters it to keep up with the times. Social networking and texting simplify the writing process and allows you to get more done in shorter amounts of time, so you can in a sense write as fast as you think. Though you must go back and review your writing it allows for more creative input.



How not to get into bad writing habits due to social networking.

use tools the way they are inteded

     Instant messaging/ Text messaging was created for it's rapidness they have letter maximums for a reason those are the places we should use short hand.  Emails and Messaging sections are the place to expand use them accordingly.


^^Ways to create balance between social networking and the writing process.??^^^










Love the title! lol. Also, you cited your source wrong. The period goes on the outside of the parenthesis: (_____). <- example. Great topic, I'm looking forward to see where this goes. Provide history of texting and social network sites? What were they originally used for, and how have they created a new language? - Andrea 


Thanks andrea nothings really cited yet.. i just put those there so i know what website listed below i go them from so i can cite them at a later time..  I'm excited about this paper... I really wanna do my showcase on this.. - Aberlyna Danelle <3










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Ehle so fly said

at 12:56 pm on Nov 23, 2010

I like your topic this is very true, and I like how you are somewhat continuing that blog from early in the semester!

aberlicious said

at 9:51 am on Nov 28, 2010


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