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23 November

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Writers' Workshop: Writing to Solve Problems

Post in the table below by Friday

Each of us will offer feedback on each WTSolve




current focus of writing process
Elizabeth Ehle  World Wide Experiment on People, Animals, and Nature  Structure of my essay  
Jasmyne Black  The Issue of Ebonics/Slang...LANGUAGE  Directly stating my problem
Jay Boda

Today Is Zero Hour:

Why Civic Action Is Needed to Repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell - Now

I'm examining my essay through a prism - remixing the idiom / tone / format.  Trying to make something complicated to explain - easy to read and digest.
Andrea Inman  How Television Affects Children  where to go next?
Caleb Francois  Why Actuaries Are Better  research/building rough draft 
Alyssa Blumenthal  Writing to Solve Problems- How do we create motivation
Research. Informing and convincing
Ronald Glace
RonnyG - Unit 4 Portfolio
Working on rough draft
Duane Davis 
 Duane- Unit 4 Portfolio concluding rough draft
David Stern  D-Stern Unit 4 Portfolio  This is my cover page with everything included 
Amber Schlage  Amber's Unit 4 Portfolio   Rewriting rough drafts, working towards a final draft, working on feedback. 
Jenna Willard  Jenna's Unit 4 Portfolio :)   Finalizing rough draft, and giving feedback.
Aberlyna Jones  Mi BFF Jill  

Trying to figure out how to demonstrate social networking? Help!!?

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