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Leaves from the Mental Portfolio of Jenna Gravino

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Leaves From the Mental Portfolio of Jenna Gravino


The purpose of my portfolio will be to construct a compilation of pieces that I have written this semester ranging from the exploration of convergence, to creative nonfiction, to the emergence of a portfolio of personal and professional work. The final product should begin to define my qualities, interests, and strengths as a writer.

The final piece will include graphics, nonfiction narratives, interviews, reflections, and more. It will take the form of a collection, posted online, but separate from my current working wiki page.

I will compile the portfolio with my classroom peers in mind as the audience, with the hope that it will be viewed with sympathy for the creative and constructive process related to the wiki. I want it to convey a sense of my personal interest and creative processes and also welcome criticism of the processes and their outcomes.

I have been working as a secondary investigator throughout the semester by commenting, editing, reworking, and working with my peers to help their final projects emerge. Several of my own pieces have emerged from investigatory contributions to my peers’ portfolios.

My portfolio will start with an introduction of sorts (a cover page), which will tie the compilation together. Since it will be posted online, the pieces are not necessarily consecutive, and should be experienced in whichever form pleases the audience.

Several pieces already exist in my wiki page, which will be moved to the final project page, while I hope that others will emerge in the remaining weeks of this course. Within the next week I will designate and create the space for my final project, separate from my existing wiki page. The audience will be able to follow the progress of my final project by following the link posted on my wiki page.

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