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Feedback to Andrea, unit 4

Page history last edited by Jenna 13 years, 4 months ago


I read both your rough draft and final draft I think the changes that Ehle suggested and what you did was good. I like your topic; it is very true kids watch WAYYY to much TV these days.  I worked in a daycare when I was back at home, and there would be some kids that would come in and instead of playing with other kids they would just want to sit and watch a movie. One of the shows that they always wanted to watch was SpongeBob too. For your final draft, I like the information you have gave. The only thing I would recommend is maybe trying to find more information on the affect that it exactly has on kids. For example, if you can find like statics, and from there write about how it will help solve your problem of children watch too much television.  I found this website:   http://kidshealth.org/parent/positive/family/tv_affects_child.html  and it talks about how especially at the age of two, it is a crucial time period for the brain and that television gets in the way of that development.  It also gives information about the affects if children watch too much television, and also gives good teaching habits that parents can follow.

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