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Lindsey Braun- "So tell me how you really feel

Page history last edited by Lindsey Braun 12 years, 3 months ago

Final Project:


September 12, 2010..


As I sit here in class and reminisce on my summer all I can think about is my last week of my "lazy days" but they weren't so relaxing...


 It was the last week of summer so I thought, since I live in FLORIDA I should be pretty tan, so I decided I would lay out by the pool and just be a bum for my last week of summer because, isn't that what summer is for?! Well, on the contrary, the weather was so depressing and if it wasn't raining, the clouds were heavy and dark like they were going to. So I thought OK, in the spirit of summer, I won't let the weather disrupt my week of relaxation, I'll just take this time to do what I never get to do, sit and be lazy! Well, work decided they weren't going to let that happen, my schedule that week consisted of Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and last but not least, Sunday. Apparently my co-workers had the same idea as me but planned just a little bit earlier than me and requested those days off. And so, my last week of Summertime fun was redefined as gloomy skies, kid parties complete with 30 evil children running around like they have never been let out of their cage while thinking, jumping all over the restaurant and climbing walls (yes, they apparently grew Spiderman powers and mastered the climbing section) is smart to do it with chopsticks in their hands.


Am I too negative? Do I tend to dwell on the bad and never consider how much good there is? I'm typically a happy, positive person but when it comes to writing I always seem to be complaining or mad.. is writing my outlet to get all my anger/fears out that I can't with anything else? Maybe I should make a that my new years resolution, "don't worry, be happy".


So, ok, let's think about everything that I did over summer.. let's start from the beginning.. oh great, the beginning of summer was my worst part of summer...


-OMG I did that!


Well, let's think positive.. I did get two months off from work.. PAID! But, I did have a brace on for that time that disable me so I couldn't even walk.. oh! I got to take a trip twice to Nashville in my time off which I couldn't have done without getting in my accident and having that time off from work! Oh! And I got to go home for a while and spend time with my family which I never really thought about but, I don't get to do that often because I tend to just put it off or only go home for a day or two even though I'm only 2 hours away.. see, it wasn't so bad.. maybe what I need to do is just always look at the positive of things if I ever catch myself being negative :)



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