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Amber's Coversheet

Page history last edited by Amber Schlage 13 years, 6 months ago

1. What part of your process or your final paper most pleased you? Why?

Being completely finished with it, and getting enough feed back to help me better my work, making it better than the rough draft.


2. who is you primary audience? who isyour secondary audience?

My Primary audience would be any group of people who are intrested in learning about drunken driving, and why it is not a good choice. My secondary audience would be possibly students, giving them these statics to education them about the risks of drinking and driving.


3. Where do you want readers to offer critical feedback? In other words, what aspect of the writing process is most difficult for you right now?

I want readers to offer critical feedback now on my writing in general so I can correct it and be able to used this piece for my showcase next week, I believe the most difficult aspect of the writing process which is most difficult for me right would would have to be the editing and feedback to myself and others.

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