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2 December

Page history last edited by ShareRiff 13 years, 7 months ago

1. NOFOs


compose your cover letter for the LLS committee and email to ShareRiff by tonight.

PIF has a template for you to follow.


UPDATE: although the committee is only expecting 3 NOFOs (and will likely only have time to discuss 3), I would also like to invite all of you to share your individual NOFO ideas (unit 3) with the committee (see Sheena's plan to do so, here).


the LLS committee meets tomorrow and will provide feedback on your ideas. ShareRiff will transcribe and post to this page by Friday evening so that you can incorporate changes before you include your work in your Final Portfolios.


UPDATE: the LLS agenda was necessarily subverted by visits from the dean and the regional vice chancellor, but the committee scheduled a Monday meeting for looking at the NOFOs.


2. Portfolios <-----click here to visit our google site, where you must post a link to your final portfolio, where you should have your final reflection and links to all of your work!! I just noticed that this link was broken, but it should be ok now.


your final reflection is a "grand narrative" whereby you "hit rewind" and go back to the beginning of the semester, and narrate highlights of your experience, and connect those experiences (and your writing) to the SLOs established by the writing program, and to your personal goals/outcomes, as well.


3.  Showcase


I will share showcase information, such as room assignments, as this information becomes available.


4. ReMEDIAtion portfolio


Don't forget to create a separate reflection and page for your various reMEDIAtion efforts (as Ehle has done, here), and link these from your Final Portfolio.

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