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D-stern Final Reflection

Page history last edited by David Stern 12 years, 5 months ago

Final Reflection:



      Throughout this semester I have definitely feel like I have taken strides in the right direction with understanding how to properly share my works. In the beginning it was very difficult understanding how the piece of work should be formed. Writing to inform was the main lesson I learned from. Writing to inform showed me how I need make sure with my writing my audience that has no clue about what I am talking about can read my writing and leave with throe information about my topic. My first paper was about a charity three on three-basketball tournament. This subject was a little difficult due to the fact I have to show my audience how the exploration, activism, and leadership all go into the tournament. Another part of this first half of the semester was the blogging and informal writing. This aspect of out class was very difficult in the begging not understanding the new program known as the Wiki. Blogging is a form of writing that I learned should be very informal, to a point where your just writing to inform your peers with information they normally would not learn. When writing a blog of any type of writing we learned that having a composing process is a vital tool to any successful composition. When you have a composing process visuals are another key tool that can be used. Using visuals may give the opportunity for all types of learners to understand the information. When using visuals not only may more people understand what you are talking about but also you may spark an idea from a pier of yours. To have a pier interacting with a composition of your own, this can start great new ideas to write about. With the program of the wiki, using group comments to add to your work is a great source to use. Using this method of group discussion may allow yourself to learn new things and enhance your possible outcome. Throughout this semester so far, giving examples from other sources other than yourself has been a proven success. Having your writing include true examples throughout your writing can truly hammer home the message or lesson trying to be told. Knowing from this semester when I have read other student entries, or even my professor entries the examples given have made it possible for myself to understand what was being talked about.  For the first half of this semester I feel like it has been a semester full of improvement. It was very difficult in the begging due to all the new changes, but once I adapted to our new way of an English class I feel like now for the past few weeks I have been able to learn and compose instead of just worrying about completing my assignments. My assignment I feel was writing to convince. Writing to convince has been the piece I have enjoyed the most from this semester. Having the opportunity to pick a topic that I am truly passionate about really gave me an advantage to convince my audience about how baseball is America's sport. Throughout my process of understanding how to set my paper up in a way that informing my audience and convincing them at the same time was not too difficult. Making sure that I had facts and explanations for my persuasion was very important, because if you are writing to convince without information to back your self up the audience may never take your side. To me, the most vital part of this composition is to understand how your topic relates to your audience. Making it your priority to see that no matter what type of person is reading your paper that they can somehow relate their mind to the topic. In my paper baseball is not everybody's favorite topic to read about, therefore I made sure that I used my topic and involved another topic such as the civil rights problem. I found that this idea came to be perfectly executed when a fellow classmate of mine, that is not too much into sports, told me that he normally would not have read this and enjoyed it but my train of ideas brought him in. That comment showed me how I can make a convincing argument about my topic and have a chance with any audience. 



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ShareRiff said

at 2:52 pm on Dec 14, 2010

David, could you link all of your unit assignments to this page, so that you have an all-in-one portfolio?

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