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W-o-r-d (I don't Play Games) W-y-r-d (Or do I)

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Must control the continuous and endless ambivalence that maneuvers my condition; a feeling that is something nuns wish they knew! I know what it is to be blue, sincerity to help-out-sound (insert scream) which becomes a vibration; held at gunpoint.The synthetic environment has no specific parents, grandparents or any-other family under the nonsense of quite sophistry! The student’s comprehension of boredom, or public relations is something I have found delicate; the eyeball's insight is quite blinding. 


      I don't listen; I first; crudely and literally speak. I light-up a room every time I leave! The meaning, once and for all; my characteristics are blooming as my whole life expands. I like static an emotional color. The manipulation a cunning weakness-my way of having me. Does the meaning of-moral and aesthetic-become the color of youth; a concept we seem to cause and call it "Eenie-Weenie." I am a pharmacists that says give-me, give-me, give-me! I am a complex example of the individual drrrits of sunlit! A turquoise relatively unconscious; a symbol; a dove. Don't Abuse women; Man! Various cases of women have gotten to my inner circle; too tickle a liquidinous like sensation right out of me. The warped details, faith and doubt; Listen deeper. Consciousness awakens value; I need a personal nun to light my fire! Oops I did it again! I begin to naively expand as you hear the adulthood I have yet to achieve.  


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