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Some Thoughts on September 11, 2011

Page history last edited by April Sopczak 11 years, 6 months ago

Some Thoughts on September 11, 2011


Never forget?

I only wish I could

and return to my innocence.

I was a babe at the tail end of


A child after the Cold War had

turned lukewarm.

A teen during a 7 month war

in a far away Gulf

which nobody mourned.

A woman who grew up in a world of

relative peace and security

that was shattered in 102 horrifying minutes.

Where was I?

In a state of shock, a place of knowing and a world of


The same sacred place I shared with millions of others.

My world left that day and an old one

took its place.

A world my parents and grandparents had known.

A world filled with vulnerability, sacrifice and loss.

A world I would now share with my children.

Never forget?

That really isn't a choice.

To forget that day, would be to forget

my world.

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kms said

at 2:51 am on Dec 12, 2011

April, Thanks for that. ~ Trina

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